Needling the needy for pain erasure

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Dry Needling can be learnt by any medical professionals who deal with pain conditions. However, it is the physical therapists, who has to know this technique, as they often have to treat such conditions.This is a five day course that is split in to two modules. As a preparatory course we conduct 2 day muscle palpation course individually for Upper and Lower Quadrant to ensure that the participants are well versed in anatomy and palpation before doing Dry Needling course.

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To know more about Dry Needling, We have answered some of the Frequently asked questions by our participants and patients. We kindly request you to read this section for further enquiries. Dry needling technique is an innovative treatment technique, where a solid filament acupuncture needle is advanced to the muscle to target the myofascial trigger point in order to deactivate and release them. It is a very effective and efficient way of treating myofascial trigger point

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Dr. Rajkannan is an Professor, Clinician and a Researcher, who is passionate in treating chronic pain syndromes and is an expert Dry Needling Therapist. He regularly conducts courses on Dry Needling and Muscle Palpation all over the country and abroad. These courses are well appreciated in virtue of its content and quality and the participants had given excellent feedback about the courses.It was a good experience to attend this course on 'Dry needling'.

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Course Title Venue Contact Date
Dry Needling- Module 1 GIFO Fitness Studio,Coimbatore Dr. Rahul Kannan 9789744020 13 & 14th May, 2017
Dry Needling- Module 1 RMV Hospital, Bangalore Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906 24 & 25th June, 2017
Dry Needling- Module 1 Hotel Ganesh Mahal, Salem Dr.Sankar 9865061000 15 & 16th July, 2017
Needler's Meet Chennai Dr.Logesh 9789321500 23rd July, 2017
Muscle Palpation Upper Quadrant RMV Hospital, Bangalore Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906 30th July, 2017
Dry Needling- Module 2 RMV Hospital, Bangalore Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906 18th, 19th & 20th August, 2017
Dry Needling- Module 1 Hotel Royal Plaza,Chennai Dr. Logesh 9789321500 9th, 10th september, 2017
Muscle Palpation – Lower Quadrant RMV Hospital, Bangalore Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906 24th September, 2017
Dry Needling- Module 1 Manila, Philipphines Dr.Hyacinth 14th, 15th, 16th November, 2017

Dry Needling by Dr.Raj Kannan

Dr. Rajkannan Pandurangan, PT, is one of the experts in the field of Dry Needling Technique. He has treated thousands of patients suffering from myofascial pain using Dry Needling. Apart from practicing this technique for about 5 years, he also teaches the same to other physical therapists. He has taught this technique for about 600 Physical Therapists in and around India.

He also conducts courses on muscle palpation, which improves the physical therapy diagnostic accuracy during the assessment. He is presently authoring a Book for Dry Needling, which is expected to be published next year. In addition, he is doing research activities in the field of Myofascial Trigger Points and Dry Needling.