Needling the needy for pain erasure

1. Validation and Test-Retest Reliability of New Thermographic Technique Called Thermovision Technique of Dry Needling for Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points in Sciatica Subjects and TrPs-Negative Healthy Volunteers.

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2. Baseline Examination Factors Associated With Clinical Improvement After Dry Needling in Individuals With Low Back Pain.

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3. Novel Use of Ultrasound Elastography to Quantify Muscle Tissue Changes AfterDryNeedling of Myofascial Trigger Points in Patients With Chronic Myofascial Pain.

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2. Dry-needling and exercise for chronic whiplash-associated disorders: a randomized single-blind placebo-controlled trial.

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  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"
    GIFO Fitness Studio,Coimbatore
    13 & 14th May, 2017
    Dr. Rahul Kannan 9789744020
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    24 & 25th June, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"Hotel Ganesh Mahal, Salem
    15 & 16th July, 2017
    Dr.Sankar 9865061000
  • "Needler's Meet"Chennai
    23rd July, 2017
    Dr.Logesh 9789321500
  • "Muscle Palpation Upper Quadrant"
    RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    30th July, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 2"
    RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    18th, 19th & 20th August, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"
    Hotel Royal Plaza,Chennai
    9th, 10th september, 2017
    Dr. Logesh 9789321500
  • "Muscle Palpation – Lower Quadrant"
    RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    24th September, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"
    Manila, Philipphines
    14th, 15th, 16th November, 2017

The information in this workshop was valuable and relevant. It was more specifically useful than I expected. Dr. Raj Kannan has an amazing ability to readmore

This was a great workshop! Never realized it could be so easy to get this new treatment tool. The techniques you teach are gentle, easy and painless.readmore