Needling the needy for pain erasure

Dry Needling Association aims to teach Dry Needling Technique to the health care professionals who deals with patients suffering from pain syndromes. By conducting a quality Dry Needling Training programs, it strives to broaden the usage of this technique across the country, so that the patients in need will get the unique benefits of Dry Needling Technique. It also provides licensure to the qualified therapists and also offers continuous professional support. It does patient referral too, to the licensed dry needling therapists with respect to their locality.

We have trained about 300 physiotherapists through our training programs that we conducted in various states in India. Apart from training them we provide continuous professional support to keep them abreast of the recent developments in the field.

We constantly strive to enhance our training and treatment standards by doing research and developmental activities. We are currently involved in multiple researches to bring new knowledge in this field of myofascial pain and Dry Needling.

  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"
    GIFO Fitness Studio,Coimbatore
    13 & 14th May, 2017
    Dr. Rahul Kannan 9789744020
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    24 & 25th June, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"Hotel Ganesh Mahal, Salem
    15 & 16th July, 2017
    Dr.Sankar 9865061000
  • "Needler's Meet"Chennai
    23rd July, 2017
    Dr.Logesh 9789321500
  • "Muscle Palpation Upper Quadrant"
    RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    30th July, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 2"
    RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    18th, 19th & 20th August, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"
    Hotel Royal Plaza,Chennai
    9th, 10th september, 2017
    Dr. Logesh 9789321500
  • "Muscle Palpation – Lower Quadrant"
    RMV Hospital, Bangalore
    24th September, 2017
    Dr.Rajkannan. P 9845903906
  • "Dry Needling- Module 1"
    Manila, Philipphines
    14th, 15th, 16th November, 2017

The information in this workshop was valuable and relevant. It was more specifically useful than I expected. Dr. Raj Kannan has an amazing ability to readmore

This was a great workshop! Never realized it could be so easy to get this new treatment tool. The techniques you teach are gentle, easy and painless.readmore